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About Us

Learn more about the WBAIS PTA board

Our why, Our How, and Our Team

Our Why

The purpose of the PTA is to support the education of WBAIS students by fostering relationships between the school, parents, and teachers for the benefit of all WBAIS students. 


This purpose is in common with that of WBAIS, with the primary aim of upholding the values, mission

statement and policies of WBAIS and its school board.

Our How - Two Dimensional Framework 

School/ Parent relationship

  • Support and advocate for the children and families by meeting throughout the year with the head of school and other staff. 

  • Improve communication between parents, teachers, and staff, and actively supporting parent involvement in the education of their children

  • Foster relationships between parents and teachers, and improve the environment at WBAIS through volunteering, digital safety, healthy lifestyles, love for reading community building, and supporting the school.


  • Plan and organize several themed holiday programs

  • Support teacher appreciation week 

  • Raise funds to be applied towards the benefit of the school community

  • Enhance school initiatives and the education of the students

Meet the team 

Elyssa Jeter - PTA Board Picture.JPG

Elyssa Jeter



Tomas Broberg



Ramesh Cohen

Community Liaison

Michelle Hardy


Amanda Henline

Digital Communication Coordinator

Ashley Sharpe

Events Coordinator

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